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How We Got to Today

Growing up, my dream was to have a coffee shop that helped kids. Looking back, it's amazing to see that dream come to life.

In 2012, Russell and I moved to Dalhart, Texas to farm. We got connected with a local mission-minded church. We traveled with the church to Thailand and Myanmar, visiting children's homes throughout the regions. We returned, inspired to do what we could to continue helping these ministries.

The local missionary in Thailand sourced coffee from a nearby farm, helped pick and process it, and put it on a boat for us! And, Purpose Coffee was born.

Since then, we've expanded to sourcing coffee from all over the world, shipping it to almost every state, supplying other coffee shops and boutiques, and investing back into the farms and farmers growing the coffee, along with organizations that are improving education, advancing health, and supporting orphaned kids.

To date, we've been able to give $200,000 to these organizations. All because of a cup of coffee that does good.

Our Coffee

In late 2014, Purpose Coffee officially launched, with our initial coffee offering – a delicious and unique bean from Thailand. Since then, we’ve introduced additional roasts and blends – including Colombian, Brazilian, Mexican, Laotian, Guatemalan, Java, Tanzanian, Ethiopian, and more.

When sourcing our beans, Russell looks for unique flavors, socially and enviornmentally conscious farms and co-ops, or direct farm partnerships. We use air roasters for better control, roasting to bring out the special flavors in each of our beans. We micro roast to keep the beans as fresh as possible!

Much like a fine wine, each bean has innate flavor notes borrowed from its growing environment. As such, we roast to bring out these unique characteristics – resulting in a variety of coffee offerings to satisfy each of our coffee lovers’ palate.

Our Impact

Bettering the world for our most precious global citizens – kids.

Through our Purpose Coffee Child Wellness Fund, we are improving access to education, investing in health and wellness, responding to the growing orphan crisis, and fighting sex trafficking. We partner with ministries, missionaries, and organizations in developing countries to make a difference in the lives of children.

As farmers passionate about sustainability ourselves, we're also pleased to use this company to support the farms and farmers around the world who are growing our coffee. From providing fair trade prices, to choosing sustainably grown beans, to direct investments into the farms - this is an important part of our business strategy.

We are not a 501(c)3 - but rather a purpose-driven social enterprise. The Purpose Coffee Child Wellness Fund is a separate account within our company, to which we calculate and transfer our donations on a quarterly basis. We invite you to get to know some of the organizations that we support, and considering giving to them directly, if you feel inclined: Empower International, Students International, Cherish Uganda, Rapha House, Heart for Africa.

Cost Breakdown

Exact costs vary depending on market prices and shipping costs – but we are committed to donating at least $5 of every bag of coffee to our Child Wellness Fund.

$5 – That’s how much goes directly to child welfare projects.

$4.50 – that’s how much it costs to purchase the dried green coffee beans and roast them.

Another $1.50 is used for packaging and handling.

Approximately $4.50 out of every bag goes to our admin fund – which helps cover the costs of utilities, store labor, processing fees, taxes, investing in future coffee orders, and buying
new equipment to better serve our customers.

Good Coffee. Doing Good.