Current Offerings:
  • Brazilian – Our most popular! Heavy body with notes of peanut brittle
  • Ethiopian – A very distinct coffee with notes of blueberries and chocolate
  • Tanzanian – Look for notes of caramel and watermelon
  • Laotian – A savory and earthy coffee, with a floral forward and hints of chile
  • Roaster’s Choice – This option will change periodically. Right now, we are featuring a versatile bean from Guatemala that is great for espresso, brewed coffee, AND cold brew!
  • Texas Strong - A special edition dark roast with notes of dark chocolate, cherries, and caramel
Coffee - Large, 14oz
Regular price $ 15.00
Coffee - Small, 8oz
Regular price $ 10.00
Coffee - Texas Strong
Regular price $ 15.00
Coffee Subscription Box
Regular price $ 30.00