Coffee - Small, 8oz

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We source our beans from key coffee growing regions, looking for unique beans - preferably from socially minded co-ops and farms - to provide a variety of flavors and notes in our offerings. Each coffee is available in 8oz or 14oz lined, resealable, valved bags.

Current Offerings:

  • Brazilian - Our most popular! Heavy body with notes of peanut brittle
  • Ethiopian - A very distinct coffee for a true connoisseur, with notes of blueberries and chocolate
  • Tanzanian - Look for notes of caramel and watermelon. This one is almost gone, so order while you can!
  • Laotian - A savory and earthy coffee, with a floral forward and hints of chile
  • Roaster's Choice - Currently, we are featuring a versatile bean from Guatemala that is great for whatever your choice of brew method - from espresso to cold brew.

100% of our proceeds (roughly $2 from each 8 oz bag) goes to our Child Wellness Fund to improve education, invest in health, and rescue orphans around the world.