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How We Got To Today

Purpose Coffee began through the visions and hard work of many people and groups working together for a common goal.

For me, as a teen and through college, it was my dream to have a coffee shop that helped kids. It was a concept that my brain couldn’t imagine working, but my heart longed for.

Life and work and God brought us to Dalhart, TX, where we were connected with a local church that was passionate about missions work around the world. The pastors had an idea – to import coffee and send the proceeds back to the orphanage they helped build in Myanmar. We were excited – and are honored – to have made that idea become a reality.

As business owners, our passion and commitment for this idea deepened while on a mission trip in Thailand and Myanmar with our church. We traveled over the Christmas season, visiting several Children’s Homes, that provide a bed and roof, clothes, food, love, education – truly, home – for kids who were mostly orphaned during a devastating tsunami. We painted the orphanages, played with the kids, sang Christmas songs, and gave gifts and shoes and food.

As we talked with the leaders of the orphanages, over and over, the concern of long term funding was a huge issue. It’s our mission as a company to help address that concern so that the leaders can keep their focus on the kids.

Purpose Coffee started its operations in our church upon returning from that mission trip. The church, its staff, and the congregation so gracefully and faithfully supported us as we launched this venture. In 2016, we flew from that little nest, establishing our own operating structure and facilities. Today, we partner with several churches, coffee shops, and boutiques, but we are an independent company.

We source coffee from SE Asia, Africa, and South and Central America. We roast it in Dalhart, TX, and sell through our online store, our storefront, and our partner churches, boutiques, and coffee shops. All of the proceeds are donated back to the same regions from which we source our coffee to support Child Wellness Projects globally.

This company would not look the way it does today without the help, ideas, expertise, guidance, support, and resources lent to us by so many people – of which we are so incredibly thankful!

It has been three years since we opened our storefront and coffee shop in Dalhart, Texas! This sweet little space houses our roasting headquarters, coffee shop, boutique, meeting space, and more!

Coffee Shop

When we first opened, we didn’t plan to use the space as a coffee shop – but rather just as a shop that happened to sell coffee. But, we’ve slowly expanded our vision for this space… because we just love sharing a cup of coffee with friends and travelers!

We now offer a full coffee menu, with espresso based drinks, Nitro cold brew, and tea options as well. We have a small selection of snacks, and are always looking to expand our offerings!

Whether you grab coffee to-go as you go through the drive through, or meet friends or colleagues for a meeting – we hope you’ll come by for a cup of coffee!

Roasting Headquarters

All of our roasting is done in our Dalhart headquarters, with three micro roasters so that we can control the quality and freshness of the beans as much as possible. Most of our coffee is roasted-to-order, with a small selection available in the store.

While you’re visiting, be sure to ask for a tour of a roasting room and we will share the process with you!

Gift Boutique

While you’re waiting for your espresso to brew and milk to froth, browse our selection of apparel, mugs, and gift items! Each of our items come from a similar purpose-driven brand…. whether its our own branded merchandise, jewelry made by artisans in developing countries, or hand poured candles from modern day survivors. Everything we offer supports a greater cause and purpose!