Investing in Child Wellness

Bettering the world for our most precious global citizens – kids.

Through our Purpose Coffee Child Wellness Fund, we are improving access to education, investing in health and wellness, responding to the growing orphan crisis, and fighting sex trafficking. We partner with ministries, missionaries, and organizations in developing countries to make a difference in the lives of children.

The Purpose Coffee Child Wellness Fund is a separate account within our company, to which we calculate and transfer our donations on a quarterly basis. Donations to Purpose Coffee Co. and any of our events are not tax-deductible as donations, as we do not operate as a 501(c)3. Please contact us about special advertising or sponsorship opportunities that support our cause and the missions of the organizations we invest in.

We also invite you to get to know some of the organizations that we support, and considering giving to them directly, if you feel inclined.

- Cherish Uganda

- Empower International

- Heart for Africa

- Portal Bikes

- Rapha House

- Students International