Purpose Coffee, Delivered to Your Door

Introducing Purpose Coffee Co. online! We are committed to providing great tasting coffee, benefiting a great cause, all at a great price.

Use our secure online system, powered by Shopify, to purchase Purpose Coffee and Merchandise. Available for shipping within the United States and for pickup in select locations. For bulk or custom orders, please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save on shipping?

Because we are committed to using every penny possible to support orphanages and global missions projects, we are unable to offer free shipping.

Considering buying 2 bags of coffee per order. Instead of paying $6 shipping for one 16 ounce bag of coffee, pay the same $6 for two 16 ounce bags of coffee!

Why do you suggest whole bean coffee instead of ground coffee?

Grinding coffee exposes more of the coffee to oxygen, which speeds up the rate at which it dries out and starts to lose flavor. By grinding the coffee right before you brew it, you will get a better, fresher taste in every cup of coffee you brew.

What are other tips for keeping the coffee fresh?

In addition to grinding the coffee beans right before you brew them, it is important to keep your coffee in a dark, dry, air-tight location – like your pantry or a cabinet. Keeping coffee in you refrigerator or freezer will cause the coffee to lose flavor at a faster rate.