About Our Coffees

Single Origin

Brazilian – One of our most popular coffees and always a crowd pleaser. An approachable coffee, with heavy body and notes of peanut brittle.

Ethiopian – Our current Ethiopian offering is a light roast, with a fruity forward and notes of chocolate. This is a more adventurous coffee.

Costa Rican – Look for heavy notes of cocoa, nuts, and stone fruits in this delicious and approachable coffee.


Farm Partner Coffees

Dominican Republic Washed - We are excited to introduce this new direct trade farm partnership! Spirit Mountain coffees are ethically grown in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, overlooking the school that its proceeds help fund. This is a washed, organic bean, with medium body, with rich cacao notes.



Rise Blend – An easy to drink breakfast blend to help you rise and shine! Look for a cocoa flavor, with undertones of fruits. Like most breakfast blends, this is a very approachable coffee.

Strong Blend – A darker roast, with notes of dark chocolate, cherries, and caramel. This is our most popular coffee, online and in store!


Roaster's Choice

We have a selection of limited availability coffees that we will feature on a rotating basis. From Mexican, to Peruvian, to Laotian - our Roaster's Choice is always changing! Contact us to see what our current feature is or check Social Media.