About Our Coffees

Single Origin

Brazilian – One of our most popular coffees and always a crowd pleaser. An approachable coffee, with heavy body with notes of peanut brittle.

Decaf Colombian – A darker roast with notes of caramel and grapefruit.

Ethiopian – Our current Ethiopian offering is a Yirgacheffe, with notes of apples, figs, and chocolate. This is a more adventurous coffee.

Guatemalan – A versatile bean, with heavy chocolate flavors and a hint of cherry.

Laotian – A savory and earthy coffee, with a floral forward and hints of chile - this is a more adventurous coffee option!



Cold Brew Blend – A custom blend meant to highlight the creamy, chocolatey nature of the coffees when cold brewed. ***Please note, if ordered ground, we will grind it in a coarser grind that is meant for cold brew, as opposed to the typical medium grind for drip coffee - unless otherwise indicated in the checkout notes.

House Espresso – Chocolatey and nutty with great crema. Whole bean only.

Rise Blend – An easy to drink breakfast blend to help you rise and shine! Look for a cocoa flavor, with undertones of fruits. Like most breakfast blends, this is a very approachable coffee.

Strong Blend – A darker roast, with notes of dark chocolate, cherries, and caramel. This is our most popular coffee, online and in store!


Limited Quantity

Colombian Montanita - This microlot from Narino features notes of dark chocolate, grapes, apples, and toffee.

Costa Rican - This coffee hails from the celebrated Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, with tasting notes of cherries, butterscotch, and honey. It is a very approachable coffee and a customer favorite.

Salvadoran Honey - This honey processed coffee has a heavy body, less acidity, and notes of caramel and blackberries.