New Blog

January 09, 2019

New Blog

New Year. New goals. New website. New blog. And may I be the first to welcome you to our new site!

I think one of the most challenging things about managing this business has been holding the tension between being intentional when setting up systems, structures, and tools for the business - while also being open to where God will take us and how this thing could look in the future.

I was reading through old blog posts and found where I very adamantly wrote that our brick and mortar store won't be a coffee shop. And, well, we are a coffee shop. That will always be such a glaring and comical example that I might have a plan and God might just have a totally different plan.

We originally set up an informational website and blog on a different platform.... and as the business has grown and changed, that system just wasn't working as best as it could. So, we are excited to have a brand new, fresh website and online store for the new year. And with that, comes this new blog.

I didn't want to lose all of our content from the other blog. But also didn't want to transfer every bit of the old information since so much of it isn't really relevant anymore (see above about things changing a lot!).

So, over the next few days, I'll be posting some of my favorite of our old blog posts over the next few days, before getting back into the habit of publishing information a little more often!

Thanks for visiting!

- Julia