40 Kids | 40 Days

February 06, 2019

40 Kids | 40 Days

Today is Russell’s 40th Birthday. And I am so happy to get to celebrate him. 

If you don’t know Russell, he is our Roaster. Co-Owner. Responsible for bringing us our name, our Nitro cold brew, and our popular subscription box that automatically delivers coffee to your mailbox. He is my husband, my partner. Definitely the yin to my yang.

He is the most dedicated, hard working, and disciplined person I’ve ever known. And his desire for a good and just world drives his actions.

For his 40th, he wanted to donate his birthday. Over the next 40 days, we are hoping to raise the funds needed to educate 40 kids. And we need your help to make that happen!

We are partnering our long-time ministry partner Empower International. They operate a school in Pakistan that provides a great education to 300 kids. Most of these children come from the minority Christian community, enduring relentless persecution and discrimination, and are traditionally denied access to a proper education.

Without an education, these children have little to no chance of having a normal life or a pleasant future. In fact, many poor and uneducated children fall prey to exploitation and slavery. Imagine being a young girl or boy of about 8-9 years old and being forced to work as slaves in the brick kilns, the fields or the tanneries for the rest of your life.

This is what is happening to many children throughout the countryside of Pakistan - and exactly what Empower International is trying to work against. It costs just $180 per student to run this school - and change the trajectory of these kids' lives.

For the next 40 days, we are using our proceeds to raise the $7200 needed to educate these 40 kids. Every purchase, every order, every donation helps us get closer to this goal!

Some ways you can help...

  • If you want to sponsor a student, we have a spot on our website where you can contribute. If you'd like a donation tax receipt, please send a check made out to Empower International, or give on their website in honor of Russell Williams' 40th Birthday.
  • Order online - maybe a 30oz bag of one of Russell's favorite coffees. Or maybe send a Valentine's day present to a friend, sister, or mom! Ultimately, all proceeds from our sales over the next 40 days will support the education project.
  • And please share, comment (wish Russell a happy birthday!), like on social media to help spread the word!

Thank you for making this a great birthday for a special man - and also investing in the future of children around the world!!